Man i feel like crap today.
Headache. Or fever. One of the two
Trying very hard not to let my 3yr old catch it.
A kid on the bus i work on gave me the cold. Ughh
Thinknits time to start wearing face masks.
8 kids + cold winter = many sick 3-5yr olds.
Tired been sleeping all day n cant seem to get enough sleep.
My kid is in bed n now i a, tooo .
Another early day on the bus w sick kids. Night world


Caant wait till its just us again

Sick of the roommate not telling me when we r out or almost out of something. And eats something i tell him not to freaken touch. Dude getbout my fridge.
So this coming saturday he is moving out asap. I cant take much more of this.
For now i will just continue to hang out in my room of my apartment. How lame.

Getting sick gonna catch up on sleep


So my roommate left early before 8 am o go get his check n i doubt its even in yet.. so idk whats taking him so long to get his ass back here jas woke me up at 8 so tired still

Jas comes to my room and says “Clems gone mama” “he went to get his check”
I asked her “did he say hed be back”
She said “yes”

So lets hope he doesnt lie to her too if he does im gonna b pissed cause she loves him like another grandpa..


So this prob should of been my first post. But had to get that out of ,y head first. Felt good.

So i am a single mommy raising my daughter solo and have been sense birth pretty much. She is 3 born may 2010. Shes my wold.

She is potty trained (which only took her 3 days to do) wasn’t hard at all! Shes in pre-k her first yr n will be going again next yr.
We just got pictures done with santa. She picked out her own dress and got her hair cut. She was very good the whole time till we went to kmart to get her toy she got tired.. it was coming should of known better but she deserved a toy.

I had a car… but it kept breaking down so i gave up on it n sent it to the dump where it belonged.  Got $300 for it n bought my nook. Totally worth it. Works a lot better than my phone ever did. Read 2 books in the past 2 weeks

Ravage & The Housemates both by Iain Rob Wright. Awesome stories Ravage is about zombies and Housemates was a intense horror book. Read both books with my best friend courtney who lives in NH. I live in NY.
My mother is in NH and my father is in VA. So i have no family here but i am doing pretty good considering im on my own out here..

I guess thats enough for tonight its 2am n i need some sleep before my child (Jasmine) is her name. Wakes me up early.

Very fusterrated lately

Just need somewhere i can write stuff. Witout family freaking out n posting rude or unrelated comments like they do on facebook. I cant say whats on my mind on there just cause family freak out to easy.

But anyways

I have a roommate. Hes a older guy. Homeless if he didnt stay here. Well he just lost his job yet again. How in the hell du loose a job standing outside ringing bells all day… come on! I told him if he lost the job he couldnt stay with me anymore. I know its the holidays but i have my 3yr old daughter to support on a very low income job. Hes old enough to be my father. He needs to get off his ass n not rely on me to support him.
The other thing that he does that annoys me is when we r almost out of something… he doesnt say anything till after i go shopping then i get home and end up looking around to see that either dish soap is empty, or no trash bags, hes out of body wash… come on . Use ur freaken head .

So after christmas he is going back to live with his mommy n daddy… a 56yr old cant do nothing for himself.

Im a nice person till u lie to me about when and how u get fired. He hasnt been working all week n thursday he finally tells me he got fired that day. But yet i talked to his boss n they said they let him go last saturday.. fucking liar. Cant stand that shit. Well he just hit my last straw n im done. I cant stand to even look at him right now. One more week n a half n hes gonna be gone. I know its rude to say but he lied to me. I can’t wait till he gets out!!!

He knows i cant stand being lied to my daughters father did it to me a lot. N now hes in prison. I cant wait till its just my daughter and i again.

To get this all off my chest feels good. I usually use the gmail blogger but i cant download it on my nook. So here i am starting my blog all over again