Very fusterrated lately

Just need somewhere i can write stuff. Witout family freaking out n posting rude or unrelated comments like they do on facebook. I cant say whats on my mind on there just cause family freak out to easy.

But anyways

I have a roommate. Hes a older guy. Homeless if he didnt stay here. Well he just lost his job yet again. How in the hell du loose a job standing outside ringing bells all day… come on! I told him if he lost the job he couldnt stay with me anymore. I know its the holidays but i have my 3yr old daughter to support on a very low income job. Hes old enough to be my father. He needs to get off his ass n not rely on me to support him.
The other thing that he does that annoys me is when we r almost out of something… he doesnt say anything till after i go shopping then i get home and end up looking around to see that either dish soap is empty, or no trash bags, hes out of body wash… come on . Use ur freaken head .

So after christmas he is going back to live with his mommy n daddy… a 56yr old cant do nothing for himself.

Im a nice person till u lie to me about when and how u get fired. He hasnt been working all week n thursday he finally tells me he got fired that day. But yet i talked to his boss n they said they let him go last saturday.. fucking liar. Cant stand that shit. Well he just hit my last straw n im done. I cant stand to even look at him right now. One more week n a half n hes gonna be gone. I know its rude to say but he lied to me. I can’t wait till he gets out!!!

He knows i cant stand being lied to my daughters father did it to me a lot. N now hes in prison. I cant wait till its just my daughter and i again.

To get this all off my chest feels good. I usually use the gmail blogger but i cant download it on my nook. So here i am starting my blog all over again


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